Post a brief response on your class web space in response about what the most significant idea or moment in what you read or watched so far for this week was for you. What surprised you? What made you think? What was new, or more nuanced, information? Explain what and why.

The video we watched called “how the internet works” was very interesting to me. I really never think about how the internet  works when I am using it. It is very complicated in how it works yet we take it for granted. We get upset if it does not work in less than 5 seconds, but when I watched this video I saw how much goes on in order to make the internet function. I also found the introduction of Web writing style guide interesting, how it talked about a new way of writing because of the internet. It surprised me that writing for the internet is usually shorter because people don’t have the patience to read a lot on the internet. In a way that does not surprise me, I find myself doing a lot more skimming when I read on the internet. It makes you think since internet writing is becoming shorter, what important things are being left out in order to make the writing shorter?



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