Response to articles

What do the readings for this make you think about in relations to the affordances and constraints of digital, networked communication?

When I think of networked communication I think of Facebook, twitter, blogs, and even Instagram. All of these connect us digitally to anywhere in the world. I believe there are pros and cons to technologies like networked communication. For me, one of the important positive aspects of this communication is being able to talk to my best friend Laura in Ireland whenever I want. I can text her via whatsapp on my phone, I can send her funny links on Facebook, show her pictures on instagram and even call her using my smart phone and its all free. I am connected to her in every way possible but face to face, I am thankful for these technologies for keeping me connected with friends that I can not be physically near. The constraints of digital communication is the lack of face to face, if I want to order a pizza I don’t have to even call to speak to a person any more, I can go online and order there. What is so hard about dialing a telephone number now? When I go to a movie theater, I can get my ticket from a computer instead of a person sitting behind glass. The movies theater ticket box makes me think that one day people won’t be working at places like movie theaters anymore, or we will become so anti-social with strangers like people that sell movie tickets or people that work in pizza places. If a machine can do everything we will become uncomfortable around humans, when you order your pizza and the delivery person shows up at your door you now have to interact with a human, you will do it quick, pay them, take your pizza, walk away, and probably not say much other than thank you. I believe we will be using the computer for communication even more in the next 5-10 years. We Skype with family so we don’t feel as bad if we don’t see them in person, but we also use Skype to stay connected with family and friends. Communication like Skype should not replace face to face interaction if possible, for me, its not easy to see my friend who lives in Ireland so Skype is great. It is much easier to visit my family in Kansas so using Skype to see them should not replace visiting them. Network communication has good and bad aspects to it, I think the way you use it is most important.

ImageImageThe last time I saw Laura was in May 2010.

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